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Enjoy the unparalleled efficiency of automation combined with the flexibility of a control personalized, enabling the achievement of exceptional results with ease and agility. Unleash the true potential of your productivity and be the master of your own success.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Discover the magic of accurately identifying and extracting text from a variety of areas of an image, turning the process into a fast and efficient experience.
    Uncover hidden information and turn your images into real treasures knowledge, optimizing time and resources.

  • Original Text Deletion

    Seamlessly strip the original text from your images while preserving the integrity and the aesthetics of the surrounding elements.
    Discover the ease of creating clean and harmonious images, without unwanted interference, and improve the visual quality of your work with this smart and effective solution.

  • Translation Machine

    Connect to the world with the speed and accuracy of instant text translation recognized in more than 121 different languages, using the technology of the Google translator.
    Expand horizons and establish global communication effortlessly, allowing your ideas to reach a diverse audience with ease and efficiency.

  • Fonts, Size and Color Preview

    Maintain harmony and elegance by applying the same formatting as the original text to the translated text, ensuring consistency and beauty in all languages.
    Appreciate the fluidity in the presentation of information, providing an experience impeccable look and conveying your message efficiently and attractively.

  • More Tools

    Take your creativity to the next level with tons of additional tools that we offer to customize your image: insert logos or watermarks, superimposing new images on top of the original; add varied shapes like squares, rectangles, circles and stars; include extra elements like arrows, social media icons, trees and more; explore a wide range of icons and let your imagination run wild when drawing with the brush.
    Turn your images into true masterpieces and leave your mark on the visual world.

  • Layer Control

    Master the art of image editing with complete freedom to control layers created in the translation of the text. Completely access all the layers that make up your image, customizing and adjusting every detail according to your needs.
    Explore your creative potential and achieve surprising results with this Versatile and intuitive tool.

Compare the Solutions

PicTranslate, Google Lens and Yandex are web image translation services. PicTranslate stands out for efficiently overlaying the translated text with the original, keeping the image as close to the original as possible. In addition, it allows free editing of the translation. On the other hand, Google Lens and Yandex do not allow this editing and have a lower accuracy in hiding the original text of the image, compare the services just below, note the text background in both services and car headlight in Google Lens.

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Translating images and efficiently bringing nations together on a large scale.

Images are an extremely powerful means of communication.
That's why they are present everywhere: from social media to billboards, passing through websites and magazines, reaching billions of people daily.

However, few tools are available for translators and language companies to work with with them.

We exist to solve this problem. And solve it effectively.

Let's together make the visual world a place full of the richness of languages!

Embark on this journey with us and discover how to transform the universe of images, uniting cultures and bringing nations together through translation. Conquer the engagement of your audience and expand horizons with the magic of images that speak all languages.

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